Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More of the visit

While Jess was here we also went to Chuckie Cheese, Fuddruckers and the to a local carnival. Only about 10 rides combined for big and little kids, but it was something to do for the night. The next day, we put Jess back on a plane for PA and time with her folks finally. We also, took Jess to the border of TX and NM, so she could stand in each. Then we showed her Eunice NM and Hobbs NM. Tim's polant is in Eunice and his apartment was in Hobbs. Her and Mr Eason planted some flowers, Jess said he wasn't showing the flowers any love, lol they also did more pool time with Rieley.

The Girlfriends Come For Visits

Tanner and Hunter's girlfriends arrived in the middle of May. Katie( Tanner's) came for a week and Jess(Hunter's) was here for 2. We, so enjoyed having them both and had room to spre in this BIG house. We didn't do alot but had fun visiting and cooking. Tanner and Katie, went to a triple A baseball game while she was here. Then we left them all here, while Tim, Rieley and I went to what happened to be Bailey's last softball games of the season, and it was an overnight stay for us. Came home and house was still satnding.
Jess and Hunter, did alot of cooking but were lousy cleanup people, but the food was good. their were tea parties in the kiddie pool, Rieley had 2 extra people to read her books and play games with, took them all to IHOP, boy what a bill that was. Then, we went cowboy boot and hat shopping. Katie found herself a pair along with Bailey, but Jess just had fun trying them on. We did go see Shrek in 3D while Jess was here, but her and Hunter went to a different movie. Rieley and Jess played a lot of Polly Pockets and we played a lot of board games in the evening.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blogs to come.

I am so behind on my job here of blogging it isn't even funny. I will be doing it soon, some of the upcoming blogs will be, the visit from the girlfriends, the Shrek 3d movie, our trip to VA beach, mini China reunion, NC, and some outdoor fun. Hope to get it done this week while 3 of the big kids are gone and before we leave for East Tx and MO for our China family reuinon.