Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gotcha Day 2013. 6 years.

6 years ago today in the Galactic Hotel in Nanchang, China we were blessed. We were handed a very tiny and scared 15 month old. Rieley Ann(Yu Tai Min) you have blossomed and grown into a beautiful 7 year old, you are wise beyond your years and have thoroughly blessed our family in ways you will never know. Can't wait to see what the coming years have for you and us as a family. We love you to the moon and back and momma LOVES YOU MORE!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Trek 2013.

We(Tim, Rieley and I), leave this Fri for our summer visit of friends and family. We will make a stop in IN, to pick Bailey up. She will have her final in O Chem 1 on the following Thurs and then we head to Pittsburgh to visit Hunter. He wasn't able to come home this summer, due to MCAT's(med school exam) which he scored a 43 out of 45 on, research and filling med school applications out. So, we will visit there from Fri to Mon, the head to MD. We will make a one night stop at Rieley's foster sister, from China and her family. Then Tues morning we will head to NC until Fri to see Tim's dad and stop in and see my Goddaughter and her husband in Fayetteville. On Fri, we will head back to IN, to get Tim on a plane for TX on Sat. The girls and I will then head to IL for 4 days, then back to Lafayette to get Bailey moved into her apartment for her sophomore year at PU. The following Sat or Sun, we will meet another one of Rieley's China sisters at the Indy Children's Museum and have fun catching up. Rieley and I will spend a few days with my mom before heading back to Indy on  Thurs to pick Tim up at airport and begin our trek back to TX on that Fri and Sat. If you can follow this, more power to you. Pictures will follow upon our return to TX, as I will only be taking the ipad with me.