Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Andrews vs. Lamesa

Had another game last night and didn't get to see Bailey play. Team won 16-2 in 5 innings. Sure would be nice to see some of the other girls get on the field when they have these blowouts. Bailey continues to work on her batting at the batting cages, with mom feeding the machine with the balls. I have to say, this girl is dedicated. Many of girls would have quit with what she has been through, but not her. Just wish she could get back to seeing some live pitching in some games. The machines and tees can only do so much and the junior varsity pitchers she is seeing are not throwing hard at all.
So, no pictures from this game. It was only an hour drive to the game. Rieley, was a trooper, even with 101 temp. Thank God for the DVD player in the van.
No games until next Tues, we get a break with Easter.

Sick little girl.

Rieley has been running a fever for the past day and a half, ranging from 101 -102. She also has a nasty cough, that when it hits she can't catch her breath from all of the mucus in her throat. They tested her for strep today and it came back negative but gave me a cough syrup to give her to hopefully break up the mucus and let her get some sleep.
The big surprise, was she has finnaly gained some weight. By their scales, she has gained over 2 ounds in the last 3 months and is at 23 1/2 pounds. This is big in our world, we were stuck at 21 pounds for so long.
Hoping she gets better soon and is ready for the Easter Bunny and her 4th birthday next Tues.
We don't let her watch tv much, so today her and mommy have been having a Disney Princess marathon with movies in and out of the car.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Watering the plants with daddy.

Rieley loves to help me around the house, she says she is my helper. Then you ask her about the older kids and her reply is, " They are lazy", maybe I ought watch what I say, hee hee. I bought her her own wqatering can while in town yesterday, and she couldn't wait for daddy to get home today to water all of the flowers, tomato and pepper plants. Job well done, kiddo.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Andrews vs Brownfield

The girls won their second district game Sat, 22-0. Bailey was a courtesy runner for the pitcher today. The wind was cold but as the game was ending the sun finally got us warmed up from where we were sitting in the bleachers. The JV team won 16-1, it was also prom night for the juniors and seniors.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Andrews vs. Seminole

Bailey played on the jv team for this game. Her batting is struggling at the moment, the coaches were trying to get her to do a new swing and that didn't work. So, we are back to her old swing and spending money and time at the batting cages, on top of her daily practices with the team. The jv won 17 - 1 in 4 innings.
The varsity team, won a nail biter 3-2. Bailey did warm up with the varsity but saw no time, and did her time on JV. Hoping, she gets to see some playing time again on the varsity team.

Rieley pictures from softball.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Rieley and I made a bird feeder out of a pine cone today. We spread peanut butter all over the pine cone and then put bird food all over the peanut butter. She had fun doing it but didn't like getting all messy with the peanut butter.
We also put together her Dora bird feeder, we had bought at Michaels craft store. So, now we have 2 feeders outside and many more to get out for our feathered friends.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of our friends and family. Hope everyone is enjoying the day as much as we are.
The house is quiet right now . Tanner is in IL for the week, Kyle is in Dallas for a few days, bailey is at softball practice and daddy is at work. Rieley and I are just enjoying the day, sunny and warm outside, may go for a walk and pick weeds. We bought some tomato plants, pepper plants and onions to plant this weekend.
Enjoy the pics of our little girl in green.

Monday, March 15, 2010

More pics from San Marcos, TX

Rieley and I headed to south central TX last Thursday for a 3 day softball tournament Bailey's team was in. We were very blessed to have John and Michelle Pilcher, drive with us. John did a great job of driving, putting up with 3 women and chauffeurring us threw the outlet malls. We saw parts of TX we haven't seen and saw the better parts of TX. We saw green grass, trees and rolling hills, beautiful.

The team went 5 - 7, taking third in the silver bracket division. The 2 games they lost were each lost by 1 run. They played well the whole tournament and their defense was on as usual. Bailey didn't see much action as she was sick for part of the tournament, but that didn't stop her from doing some shopping at the outlet malls. Some major damage was done by her and the rest of the girls on the team.

Rieley and I enjoyed the weekend, and wish daddy could have joined us. He stayed home to take care of our dog and the neighbors 3 dogs. Plus, he had to work and get Tanner to the airport, for his trip to IL. We ate some yummy food, did some shopping and watched alot of softball.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Out with the old and in with the new. Rieley has been sleeping in her big girl bed for about a month now and thinks it is pretty neat. I was worried, she wouldn't like it and end up back in bed with us. She was given princess bedding for Christmas from Santa and is loving it.

No more babies in this house. we are so proud of her, she is growing up WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too fast. I would love to be able to freeze time for awhile.

The pictures are of her new bedroom suite, bed, dresser and night stand, and one of her the last morning in her toddler bed/ crib.

The girls played in San Angelo this past Sat and won 9-0. we all spent more time traveling than playing or watching the game. The girls are very lucky also, traveling by coach bus. But, lucky for all of us it was a nice day, even with the clouds and wind.

I took some pictures of the scenery that we saw on the 2 1/2 hour drive over there. We saw alot of windmills on the way and plenty of hills and flatland.

We are very lucky, Rieley, is an awesome traveler. Not one peep did she make. I had plenty of activities for her to do and of course, thank God for the DVD player in the van. She didn't sleep any of the time gone, 5 hours driving, an hour for lunch and 2 hours for the game.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Here are a few shots of bailey's head coach at Andrews high School. She is very nice and boy does she know her softball. Bailey is learning quite a bit of stuff from her.

The top photo is the look you get when you don't watch the coach for the sign and watch the ball instead.
Here are a few shots of Bailey's head coach at Andrews High School. She is very nice and boy does she know her softball. Bailey is learning quite a bit of stuff from her.

Another weekend was spent at the softball fields. we started on Thurs with 2 games, 2 on Friday and 2 on Sat. Bailey was either designated hitted or played first base during the games. She is doing really well at first and at the plate. Coach Conyers told her, she has the highest batting average on the team right now.
Rieley is so good at these tournaments, it is amazing. She goes with the flow and if she is tired, climbs on mom and falls asleep. We are going stroller shopping this weekend as our old one now has no brakes and the safety belt is broke. I need the stroller to haul all of her things, plus coats, blankets and our healthy food(apples, oranges, grapes and strawberries) plus snacks. We would be broke if we ate the concession food all weekend long.