Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Andrews vs. Lamesa

Had another game last night and didn't get to see Bailey play. Team won 16-2 in 5 innings. Sure would be nice to see some of the other girls get on the field when they have these blowouts. Bailey continues to work on her batting at the batting cages, with mom feeding the machine with the balls. I have to say, this girl is dedicated. Many of girls would have quit with what she has been through, but not her. Just wish she could get back to seeing some live pitching in some games. The machines and tees can only do so much and the junior varsity pitchers she is seeing are not throwing hard at all.
So, no pictures from this game. It was only an hour drive to the game. Rieley, was a trooper, even with 101 temp. Thank God for the DVD player in the van.
No games until next Tues, we get a break with Easter.

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