Monday, March 15, 2010

Rieley and I headed to south central TX last Thursday for a 3 day softball tournament Bailey's team was in. We were very blessed to have John and Michelle Pilcher, drive with us. John did a great job of driving, putting up with 3 women and chauffeurring us threw the outlet malls. We saw parts of TX we haven't seen and saw the better parts of TX. We saw green grass, trees and rolling hills, beautiful.

The team went 5 - 7, taking third in the silver bracket division. The 2 games they lost were each lost by 1 run. They played well the whole tournament and their defense was on as usual. Bailey didn't see much action as she was sick for part of the tournament, but that didn't stop her from doing some shopping at the outlet malls. Some major damage was done by her and the rest of the girls on the team.

Rieley and I enjoyed the weekend, and wish daddy could have joined us. He stayed home to take care of our dog and the neighbors 3 dogs. Plus, he had to work and get Tanner to the airport, for his trip to IL. We ate some yummy food, did some shopping and watched alot of softball.

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