Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sick little girl.

Rieley has been running a fever for the past day and a half, ranging from 101 -102. She also has a nasty cough, that when it hits she can't catch her breath from all of the mucus in her throat. They tested her for strep today and it came back negative but gave me a cough syrup to give her to hopefully break up the mucus and let her get some sleep.
The big surprise, was she has finnaly gained some weight. By their scales, she has gained over 2 ounds in the last 3 months and is at 23 1/2 pounds. This is big in our world, we were stuck at 21 pounds for so long.
Hoping she gets better soon and is ready for the Easter Bunny and her 4th birthday next Tues.
We don't let her watch tv much, so today her and mommy have been having a Disney Princess marathon with movies in and out of the car.


  1. when they are sick, let them watch TV :) hope she feels better soon and in time for her birthday! i am glad she has put on some weight--she is still a little bigger than my Pooh-bear Natalie.

  2. Poor sickie sweetums. It sounds like you have what R and I had recently. Very blechy. Hope you are well soon little snuggle bug princess.
    M & R.