Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bailey's Graduation from Andrews High School. 5/25/12.

Rieley's Field trip to Pizza Hut and Park. 5/23/12.

Bailey's Award Ceremony. 5/22/12.

Bailey received 3 awards tonight at the end of the year awards. She recevied All Academics Award(all A's while in high school), Who's Who in English and Top Ten Award, she is 7th. We are very proud of her, she has also received 2 scholarships towards her college eduacation. The Presidential Award from Purdue, worth $40,000 and the URENCO USA Scholarship worth $20,000.
The picture of the 4 girls together, are best friends, since she got here to Andrews. They were each awarded a Who's Who, English, Science, Journalism and foreign Language. 4 very smart girls.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day 2012.

Rieley wrote this note for me all by herself and gave it to me Mother's Day morning, I shed a few tears, made me one happy momma. She is so excited about being able to write by herself and gives us notes all i=of the time. This one is truly special. Also, got a painting from her and a silhouette portrait of her they did at school.
The older kids got me cards and Tim surprised me with flowers. We enjoyed a nice quiet day at home and a yummy dinner.

Rieley's Kindergarten Concert. 5/16/12.

Hunter's Arrival 5/15/12.

Hunter arrived home for a short visit before beginning another summer of internship at Pitt. He got back to PA on Sunday from Ireland and we get him for a short 12 days. Rieley, of course was glad to have him home. She so loves her big brother and they have a special bond. We went out to eat at Osaka's and then came home to catch up and enjoy him for a few days. he sent ahead his wish list of foods to have and we are doing a good job of preparing most of them.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rieley's Dance Recital 5/12/2012.

To say this girl likes to dance, would be an understatement. She is in constant motion of spinning and twirling. Her dance teachers will not be continuing next year so we are switching dance studios. This means, Rieley and mom will be traveling back and forth to Midland twice a week for ballet only. She is so excited to still be able to do ballet, the new owners here in Andrews will not be having ballet class, so the  switch was necessary. This means she will be doing homework in the car and some late dinners on Tues and Thurs. The crockpot will be my friend on those days, as it may just be Rieley, Tim and I. All the BIGS may be out on their own or at college.