Friday, February 18, 2011

Bailey turns 17.

Where has the time gone. It seems, like only yesterday, taht Dr. Stroud, told me I finally had a daughter. I wouldn't believe the ultrasound, that said she waas a girl. I told the dr when she came out, with nothing dangling between her legs, I would finally believe I had my GIRL.
She has grown in to an amazing, smart, beautiful, caring, and talented daughter.
We, had a quilt that Tim's mom, had started finished for a special gift for Bailey. It, now resides on Bailey's bed and keeps her warm each night.
Happy Birthday Bailey.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Great Wall of China.

I bought Rieley a replica of the Great Wall of China, a long time ago.Well, a few weeks ago, we assembled it and have been coloring it ever since. She also, plays on it with her polly pockets, barbies, and whatever else she feels like it. We have also tried to use it as a learning tool and have taught her some facts about the Wall.

Enjoy the pictures, while we continue to color it and enjoy it.

Scrimmage games in Odessa TX, 2/12/11.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Proper Grill Care.

Glad we didn't want to grill out anytime soon. As you can see by the pictures, the grill cover is on the ground and the grill is covered with ice. I told Tim, the cover belongs on the grill not next to it. Don't think this would have mattered, it would have been frozen to the grill.
We will see if it makes a difference in the future. HaHa, if history says anything, it will not.

Snow Strom of 2011.

We were hit with ice, snow and freezing temps this past week here in TX. I left for a walk on Mon at 5pm and the temp was 73, came home from a meeting at almost 8 and the temperature had dropped to 36 degrees. I drove home in the cold, wind and sleet, only to have to go back out to the grocery and get Bailey some gatorade, as she had been hit with the flu bug.
It is now Fri and we still have snow on the ground but it won't be for long. The temps are starting to slowly go up and it is melting quickly. YEAH!!!!!!
We, couldn't even go out and play in it , as most of the days the windchill was below zero most days. Rieley hasn't been out of the house since last Sunday and it is showing.
You can see the cars that the sicko's drive, they didn't move for over a week, not just because fo the snow and ice. We even had a snow drift on the driveway, way weird in TX. And, 4th picture down , mis the neighbors house behind us, with icicles hanging from their garage.

Flu Bug has captured some of the kids and house.

Tim and Tanner left at midnight Wed and drove to pick Kyle up from Texas Tech. He was really sick with the flu, had he only told us how sick, we would have gone in the day time. They returned home around 4 a.m.
Next to fall was bailey, she has missed all week of school. The dr told her she looked really bad and told us half of the high school had been out the week beofre with the flu. We waited 3 hours to be seen, followed by a trip to the pharmacy for 3 medicines plus motrin and cough medicine as needed, and then to Sonic for drinks.
She has spent most of the week in her room resting and staying away from the rest of us. Only coming out when she is hungry or thirsty, and her supply in her room is gone.
Rieley spiked a 103.5 fever for a few hours and has had the sniffles, she calls them "wet buggies"  and sounding like she has a frog in her throat, but no change in activity level.
I have informed the house, all will be getting the flu shot next year, even if I have to sit on them. This will not be repeated. I think that is what saved Rieley from being any sicker. She had had the flu mist back in November at her dr appt.
The above picture was taken before we had the prescriptions filled for tamilflu, Zpac and decongestant.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chinese New Year/ Year of the Rabbit 2011

Gung Hey Fat Choy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Year of the Rabbit.
We enjoyed a day of fun here. Rieley got some red envelopes with money and chocolate coins in them and a princess colorong book. She was very happy.

With people in the house being sick, we choose to make our own food and not go out.We enjoyed beef lo mein, General Psoa's Chciken, Sweet and Sour Chicken and some steamed rive. All was good, but the lo mein rocked. Great job Bailey. Of course, I forgot to take pictures of the food before everyone started to eat. Didn't make a rabbit cake like I had planned, didn't have enough eggs in the house. May make it tomorrow with Rieley.
Hope everyone had a nice celebration, not sure what we will do for the next 14 days, but are planning on doing some lanterns to hang around the house.
Pictures to come soon.

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┠祝┠┨福┠┨您┠┨賀┠┠新┨┠年┨┠快┠┠樂┠ღ( . .)ღ