Friday, February 4, 2011

Flu Bug has captured some of the kids and house.

Tim and Tanner left at midnight Wed and drove to pick Kyle up from Texas Tech. He was really sick with the flu, had he only told us how sick, we would have gone in the day time. They returned home around 4 a.m.
Next to fall was bailey, she has missed all week of school. The dr told her she looked really bad and told us half of the high school had been out the week beofre with the flu. We waited 3 hours to be seen, followed by a trip to the pharmacy for 3 medicines plus motrin and cough medicine as needed, and then to Sonic for drinks.
She has spent most of the week in her room resting and staying away from the rest of us. Only coming out when she is hungry or thirsty, and her supply in her room is gone.
Rieley spiked a 103.5 fever for a few hours and has had the sniffles, she calls them "wet buggies"  and sounding like she has a frog in her throat, but no change in activity level.
I have informed the house, all will be getting the flu shot next year, even if I have to sit on them. This will not be repeated. I think that is what saved Rieley from being any sicker. She had had the flu mist back in November at her dr appt.
The above picture was taken before we had the prescriptions filled for tamilflu, Zpac and decongestant.

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  1. i hope you don't get sick! Dr Dad makes us all get the flu shot here