Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Strom of 2011.

We were hit with ice, snow and freezing temps this past week here in TX. I left for a walk on Mon at 5pm and the temp was 73, came home from a meeting at almost 8 and the temperature had dropped to 36 degrees. I drove home in the cold, wind and sleet, only to have to go back out to the grocery and get Bailey some gatorade, as she had been hit with the flu bug.
It is now Fri and we still have snow on the ground but it won't be for long. The temps are starting to slowly go up and it is melting quickly. YEAH!!!!!!
We, couldn't even go out and play in it , as most of the days the windchill was below zero most days. Rieley hasn't been out of the house since last Sunday and it is showing.
You can see the cars that the sicko's drive, they didn't move for over a week, not just because fo the snow and ice. We even had a snow drift on the driveway, way weird in TX. And, 4th picture down , mis the neighbors house behind us, with icicles hanging from their garage.

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