Monday, April 26, 2010

One Happy Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rieley is one happy girl with her new swingset. If I would let her, she would be out there all day long. But, with her being so short in the legs, I am not comfortable letting her climb the ladder and wall, without someone outside with her. The pictures say it all.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finished Project

Daddy and tanner, finished Rieley's swingset today and we have one little happy 4 year old. She has been all smiles and happy since it got finished. They couldn't get it done fast enough for her. As soon as they were done she was on it and didn't get off until we went to dinner and then back on after we got back.
Before Tim opened the box, he said, "I can get this together in one day." Well, he opened the boxes(3) and decided it would take longer then he thought. Ne said it was going to be like Christmas's past, putting Legos or Lincoln Logs together. All in all, it only took 3 days, with a 2 stop, to go to the ER. Tim, sliced his thumb open. After, 2 hours in the ER, the doctor applied some dermabond( otherwise known as superglue)  and sent us on our way. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Parents Night 2010 for Mustang Girls Softball.

Thursday, was parents night at the softball game. The girls presented each set of parents witha yellow rose and card of thanks. The team beat Lamesa 10 to 0, in 5 innings. The game ended just in time, as we were hit with a nasty storm of hail, lightening and alot of rain. Luckily, it was small hail and did no damage to either of the new cars outside. During a brief lull in the storm, we rearranged the garage and fit Bailey's car into the garage.
Bailey did not see any playtime again. She has more love for this game and gives her all. Hoping to see her play some more before the end of the season. They have their final game tonight against Monahans, but Bailey is in Lubbock competing in her UIL tournament. She placed first in editorials in the district competition and qualified for regionals. We were going to go to the game anyway, but with the winds decided to stay home and listen to it on the radio.

Carlsbad, NM

Today, Rieley, Tim and I went to Carlsbad, NM for Tim to have a total body scan done for work. This will give them a baseline of his radiation level for work. We saw alot of nothing, long, straight wide ioen roads, oil pumps, cows, horses and one antelope. Rieley and I hung out in the lobby, while Tim had his scan done in an enclosed lead room, that was totally dark and while he listened to country music. During the ride home, we drove through  a couple of dust storms and saw seveal potash plants. We stopped in Hobbs, NM on the way home for a trip to Walmart and lunch. The drive was nice and uneventful, except for the wonderful winds here in TX and NM.Enjoy some of the pictures from our trip today.

Monday, April 19, 2010

New Driver.

Bailey passed her driving test today and got her drivers license. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is very happy and relieved that it is all over and she had no trouble with the parallel parking part. As of tomorrow morning, I no longer have to wake Rieley up to get Bailey to school.
Congrats Bailey, now be safe and enjoy the car.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day One of Assembly.

Daddy didn't realize how many pieces went into one swingset. Too funny, when he opened the 3 boxes. They got a good start today, daddy and Tanner. Tanner finally joined daddy for some assisitance after daddy had worked a couple of hours by himself. Tanner kept asking for a break and daddy didn't take one all day, not too smart. He was exhausted by dinner, he ate dinner, took a shower and went to bed before 8 pm. He should sleep pretty well tonight, may not move too well tomorrow. may need the help of motrin, lol.Hoping to get the rest of it put together by nest Sun and get some sort of ground work done too. My opinion didn't count, I wanted the grass cut ouot and mulch put down. But, by the pictures, you can see they decided that was way too much work.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

2 New cars in one day, oh my.

Today was a productive day but very expensive. We traded in the 2 older boys cars, that were sucking money out of us left and right. In exchange, we purchased 2 new Honda vehicles. Bailey got a deep red Honda Civic and Tanner is going to be driving a dark blue Honda Ridgeline truck. Kyle has inherited the Toyota Highlander, Tim's old car. Not old by my account but by Kyle's it is, it is a 2004 and still looks nice, drives nice and only has about 70,000 miles on it. Hopefully, we won'[t be purchasing any more vehiclkes for a long while. Not sure the bank account could handle it, lol.
Bailey is so happy, now let's see if she can pass her driving test on Monday. Watch for further updates on that Monday evening.
The weather here has been rainy and nasty for most of the week, so no work has been done on Rieley's swingset. Kyle, was lucky to get the yard mowed in between rain storms. Hoping to get some of it done tomorrow, and get the grass cut out from where it will be going. Again, watch for further updates.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Andrews vs Seminole

Another varsity game, with a noshow for Bailey. Practices with them, does warmups, team lunches, is in the dugout for the entire game and sees no playtime. She played first base for the junior varsity game. The varsity won 5-0 and jv won 7-2. I beleive the girls secured the district title with the win tonight. Glad it was a home game, as we were on the road enough today, and school is only 2 minutes from the house.

4 year old checkup.

Rieley went to Dr. Horne today in Midland for her 4 year old checkup. She weighed 24 pounds and was 35.5 inches tall. he said she looked very healthy and had no concerns. She is still below the 3% on the growth charts but is staying on the same curve and as long as she continues to move on the curve we are ok.
She continues to amaze us with the things she can do and how quickly she gets things, also she doesn't forget something you tell her. The dr told her goodbye and unless she is sick, he doesn't want to see her until she is 5.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The beginning of the new swingset.

Bailey and I stopped by Toys R Us and picked up Rieley's new playset Sunday. I am sure she will have a good time on it, once it is put together. The man at the toy store thought I was crazy when I said I had a minivan to haul it home in. Men have little faith in what we women know, I can pack things in like the best of them. It did all fit to his amazement and we got home in one piece. Hoping by next weekend, the guys in the house can get it put together, so the little princess can have something to do here in Andrews.
Here is a picture of what she has played on for the past 2 years and the boxes of the soon to be playset. Stay tuned for the finished project and pictures.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Andrews vs Greenwood

Varsity won another game 4-2, but again Bailey saw NO play time and there was no jv game. Don't understand what the coaches are doing or what is going on, maybe we aren't suppose to, but what the heck.We will be there to support Bailey as she sits the bench. And continue to get her swing back, that was messed up. No pictures again, with NO play time.
Again, Rieley was a trooper. We headed into town to do some shopping and then go to the game. We are swingset shopping for Rieley's new playset. Found one at Lowes and may get it tomorrow if i can fit all of the boxes into the van. It was an hour drive to the game one way, nothing is close here in TX. Just really glad gas is not $4 a gallon, the van is getting some mileage on it.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lunch for the softball team.

Tuesday April 5th, I fixed a spagetti lunch with the fixings and desert for the varsity softball team. The parents do this on days the girls have games. There were 16 girls and 3 coaches here for the lunch.
Bailey, again, saw NO play time on the varsity team and played JV. She does a good job playing firstbase but so wants to have her spot back on varsity. We still don't understand what is going on, but encourage her to keep working on her batting. We are still hitting the cages each week and now are in contact with her old coach back in PA. We took some video of her last week at the cages and have sent those to him to analyze. He has sent back a few drills for her to do and some videos for us to watch.
The varsity won 11-0 and iv lost 4-3.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rieley's 4th Birthday 4/06/10.

We celebrated Rieley's 4th bithday a day early, to allieviate opening gifts and doing cake and ice cream at 9 o'clock at night after Bailey's softball game on the 6th. She was really excited about opening her gifts and loved them all. Her eyes lit up when she opened the envelopes and out came money. She has got some furniture for her dollhouse that santa brought, arts and crafts stuff, books, dress up jewelry, money and much more. We went to story hour the day after her birthday and she got a crown and Happy Birthday sung to her.