Monday, April 12, 2010

The beginning of the new swingset.

Bailey and I stopped by Toys R Us and picked up Rieley's new playset Sunday. I am sure she will have a good time on it, once it is put together. The man at the toy store thought I was crazy when I said I had a minivan to haul it home in. Men have little faith in what we women know, I can pack things in like the best of them. It did all fit to his amazement and we got home in one piece. Hoping by next weekend, the guys in the house can get it put together, so the little princess can have something to do here in Andrews.
Here is a picture of what she has played on for the past 2 years and the boxes of the soon to be playset. Stay tuned for the finished project and pictures.


  1. you should have left the old one here in PA with me lol
    have fun constructing!