Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day One of Assembly.

Daddy didn't realize how many pieces went into one swingset. Too funny, when he opened the 3 boxes. They got a good start today, daddy and Tanner. Tanner finally joined daddy for some assisitance after daddy had worked a couple of hours by himself. Tanner kept asking for a break and daddy didn't take one all day, not too smart. He was exhausted by dinner, he ate dinner, took a shower and went to bed before 8 pm. He should sleep pretty well tonight, may not move too well tomorrow. may need the help of motrin, lol.Hoping to get the rest of it put together by nest Sun and get some sort of ground work done too. My opinion didn't count, I wanted the grass cut ouot and mulch put down. But, by the pictures, you can see they decided that was way too much work.


  1. they will wish they had cut out the grass when they have to mow around it lol

  2. That is some great progress! It took us days to put R's set together. Of course, she was two and one of the helpers. Ha ha. Yay Rieley!