Monday, September 30, 2013

Road Trip, Dallas/Ft Worth bound.

Rieley and I headed to Ft Worth for a few days at the beginning of Oct, for Homeschooling Day at the zoo. We arrived a few days early and had some fun. We went into Dallas and found the American Girl Doll Store and  the Disney Store, Rieley was able to spend some of her own money and mom and dad spent theirs too. Of course, we hit up P F Changs for lunch and it was so yummy.
Was able to meet up with a blogging and facebook friend for the first time also. Met Kim Dixon at Paneras for breakfast and visited about an hour before starting the rest of our day. Also, got some yummy bagels to bring home and freezxe to enjoy.
On Thurs, we joined the Mason family (Nadia, Amilie, and Louann) at the Ft Worth Zoo and had a blast. We allowed the girls some down time before meeting up for dinner at Freebirds. The girls had a blast playing and Louann and I were able to visit. Fri we met them at the Childrens Museum to see the new Curious George Exhibit and then headed to the Cowgirl Museum, before we knew it , it was time for Rieley and I to head back to Andrews. Rieley had Nutcracker practice at 10 am on Sat, and this momma didn't want to get up at 4 am and drive back.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another tooth is gone, tken by the dentist. 9/18/13.

Rieley had a tooth pulled by Dr. Wilkerson, her front teeth weren't coming out and the permanent ones were coming in with NOWHERE to go. So, after a little happy juice and an hour of waiting, she is minus another tooth. The tooth fairy was more than generous, we need the rest of her teeth to fall out on their own.

Friday, September 6, 2013

7 years and 5 months later, first official lost tooth.

Rieley was scheduled to have 2 teeth pulled next week. Well, he will only be pulling one. She was so excited, she lost her first tooth at a Girl Scouts meeting. Wishing and hoping other one comes out but it has no movement to it at all.
 The tooth fairy was not prepared at all, so some lucky girl got $20 for her first official lost tooth.


We have decided to venture into the world of homeschooling. Tim and I were not happy with the schools here and what we were hearing of the schools Rieley would be attending this year and years to come. Our days are pretty laid back, schooling is done at our pace, no one elses. If she gets it we move on if not we continue on until she gets it. For the most part she is moving at a great pace and enjoying it. She says she misses her friends, but only mentions 2 names, so don't think we are causing any damage. We are continuing with playdates here at the house, plus her busy schedule of gymnastics, ballet, church school and Girl Scouts.

Sunday, September 1, 2013