Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rieley's last storyhour.

Storyhour has been the one thing Rieley and I have done, almost since we moved here. We would schedule appointments and other things around Wed at 10 a.m.  She loves books and going to storyhour. The kids would do an arts and crafts project the first 30 minutes, then move onto Ms. Marylou reading a book, and then ending with a short movie, oh and don't let me forget the stamp. Each child would get the back of their hand stamped, as they were leaving storyhour.
There were a few times, missing storyhour wasn't an option. We would still go to the lobrary either later that day or Thurs. Several times, Filipa(sp) or Marylou, would get out whatever craft they did, explain it to rieley and I and then send it home with us to do. They are 2 great ladies, and we will miss them. Thank you ladies, for doing this program and making it fun for the kids.
We still have their summer reading program to look forward to but once Rieley goes to Kindergarten, she won't be going on Wed to storyhour anymore. We will have to set a new time to go and get our 10 books a week, that we read and read and read.
The child LOVES books and it makes us so happy to see her light up with books. Her newest adventures, have included us reading her chapter books at bedtime. We read a couple of chapters each night. She even used some of her birthday money to go to Barnes and Nobles to purchase 3 new cahpter books, princess ones of course.

Bailey's Therapy.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt at storyhour/ visit from Bonzo the Clown.

During our usual story hour last Wed, they held an Easter egg hunt for the kids and a clown from Barnum and Bailey Circus came to visit. The circus will be in Odessa at the end of May and he was there doing a promotion and talking about how the kids could read books to get a free ticket. While he was doing some of his tricks, he asked for a helper and Rieley, all by herself raised her hand and was picked. I was amazed she had volunteered, maybe she didn't know what she was getting herself into. She did great and is still trying to figure out how one ball turned into 2 in her hand.
Each child, was to bring a dozen prefilled eggs to share and to be hidden for the hunt. Rieley got lots of egggs and actually ended up sharing with a few that didn't get to many. Sad, to know we only have one more story hour before summer break and Rieley will be in Kindergarten next year and won't be going anymore.

Release of the Monarch Butterflies.

On Easter morning, we released the butterflies that we have watched grow from caterpillars. All 5 survived until the day we were to release them, but only 4 made it out for their flight. They weren't for sure if they wanted to leave the bet enclosure, but after some tipping of the enclosure they all flew off.
Rieley, was excited to see them fly off and we watched them until they were all out of our sight.

Coloring Easter Eggs.

We colored eggs for the first time ever, saturday before Easter. Bailey and Rieley had fun doing it, but the eggs didn't turn out to good. Dad didn't follow the directions, so the colors were quite diluted. Fun was had by al anywayl, and we will do it again next year but following the directions.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The garden has sprouted.

Tim and rieley, went out to the garden Easter Sunday to see that everything we have planted is growing. Hip hip hooray. Hoping we have a better turnout than last year. Carrots, green beans, cucumbers, canteloupe and tomatoes are all doing well.

Easter Egg Hunt..

Daddy hid some eggs for Rieley to hunt in our backyard, Easter afternoon. She did great finding them, even though he did try to hide them better this year as she has become a good finder. She, found them in fowers, plants, hiding in the grass and on her playset. Luckily, we only left them out for a few minutes before hunting them, as they had already started to melt in the heat of lovely TX.

Easter 2011.

Rieley, was very pleased with what the Easter Bunny had left her. She was most excited about the chocolate bunny, he left. She become a real pro at navigating her scooter around the house and stopping quickly, when the puppy decides to get too close.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Puppy

On Tuesday, April 19th, we added a 6 week old, yellow lab  puppy to our household. Bailey really wanted this puppy, hope the happiness continues. So, now the males and females are equal, haha. After a few days of debating her name, she is finally Princess Suki, Suki for short. she weighed 7.2 pounds at her first vet visit and got her first set of shots. She is doing great with the house training but sleeping at night is another story. I am going to be looking for an old fashioned alarm clock that you wind up to put in her kennel at night. It is worth a try, she is up 3 - 5 times a night, and that stinks.

Dresden is doing ok with her, as long as she doesn't invade her space. The puppy wants to play but Dresden wants to lie around and be lazy. It is fun to watch Suki, chase after Dresden in the backyard or watch her try and keep up with Dresden on our short walks in the evening.

Loss to Permian 10-3

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bailey inducted into the National Honors Society.

We are very proud of Bailey. She was inducted into the NHS at Andrews High School. She has always been a great student and since the move here, has maintained straight A's and has become active in the school. she is on the softball team, editor of the yearbook as a junior, wrote for the newspaper, is a student council representative and does UIL competitions. She may not like it here, but knows good grades are her ticket out of here, to a good college.
We love you and are very proud of you, Bailey.