Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rieley's last storyhour.

Storyhour has been the one thing Rieley and I have done, almost since we moved here. We would schedule appointments and other things around Wed at 10 a.m.  She loves books and going to storyhour. The kids would do an arts and crafts project the first 30 minutes, then move onto Ms. Marylou reading a book, and then ending with a short movie, oh and don't let me forget the stamp. Each child would get the back of their hand stamped, as they were leaving storyhour.
There were a few times, missing storyhour wasn't an option. We would still go to the lobrary either later that day or Thurs. Several times, Filipa(sp) or Marylou, would get out whatever craft they did, explain it to rieley and I and then send it home with us to do. They are 2 great ladies, and we will miss them. Thank you ladies, for doing this program and making it fun for the kids.
We still have their summer reading program to look forward to but once Rieley goes to Kindergarten, she won't be going on Wed to storyhour anymore. We will have to set a new time to go and get our 10 books a week, that we read and read and read.
The child LOVES books and it makes us so happy to see her light up with books. Her newest adventures, have included us reading her chapter books at bedtime. We read a couple of chapters each night. She even used some of her birthday money to go to Barnes and Nobles to purchase 3 new cahpter books, princess ones of course.

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