Sunday, April 3, 2011


Rieley and I followed the bus to Monahans for the game. I am still not crazy about driving on these TX roads, with just Rieley. Plus, I knew, following the bus I wouldn't get lost. haha We picked up dinner at the lovely, McDonalds and then settled in for the cold and windy game. The girls won, and played fairly well. It is hard going to every game, knowing Bailey won't be seeing any action. But, we are there to support her and the team.
One of the girls on the team, Nikki, has a niece and nephew at each game, and it makes it alot more enjoyable this year for rieley. They play dolls, read, and do whatever is in the bag of junk to entertain each other during the games. Followed Nikki and her family home, as we were trying to beat the sun settings. Here in TX, once the sun sets, the speed limit slows down, for our safety, but makes the drive seem even farther.

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