Monday, April 4, 2011

Aunt Kitty's visit.

We were able to enjoy a very short but GREAT visit from Rieley's Godmother, from Sun March 20- Wed March 23. She flew into Midland and we picked her up on our way back from the San Marcus softball tournament.
We didn't do much, other than visit. We did go into Midland and let Rieley do her birthday shopping, at Uncle Richie's expense. We went to the girls district opener against Seminole, and showed Aunt Kitty the scenery doesn't change much around here. Dirt, cattle, oil pumps and more dirt.
We loved having her here and wish she could have stayed longer, but she was off to meet Uncle Richie in AZ and watch the Cubs in the spring training. Hoping the area didn't scare her off and she does come back. She was helping Bailey and I push for a much needed pool. We will see if she was any help.I was a bad mom and didn't take very many pictures at all. Rnjoy the few I have.

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