Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt at storyhour/ visit from Bonzo the Clown.

During our usual story hour last Wed, they held an Easter egg hunt for the kids and a clown from Barnum and Bailey Circus came to visit. The circus will be in Odessa at the end of May and he was there doing a promotion and talking about how the kids could read books to get a free ticket. While he was doing some of his tricks, he asked for a helper and Rieley, all by herself raised her hand and was picked. I was amazed she had volunteered, maybe she didn't know what she was getting herself into. She did great and is still trying to figure out how one ball turned into 2 in her hand.
Each child, was to bring a dozen prefilled eggs to share and to be hidden for the hunt. Rieley got lots of egggs and actually ended up sharing with a few that didn't get to many. Sad, to know we only have one more story hour before summer break and Rieley will be in Kindergarten next year and won't be going anymore.


  1. Rieley is very brave to talk to the clown! I am afraid of clowns..i think they are creepy. Pathetic, i know!

  2. Yes, my thoughts exactly. Evil, evil clowns.
    Go Rieley!