Friday, July 23, 2010

3rd Anniversary of Gotcha Day

Three years ago today, in Nanchang, China, a very scared little girl was placed in my arms forever. We have been blessed by the Chinese government and God, with entrusting us with her care. She is definitely a member of the Eason family and fits so perfectly. The past three years have been an amazing journey and I can't wait to see what God has instore for this little girl.
She was around 12 pounds when we got her at 15 months and today, she is still a peanut at about 24 pounds and 36 inches tall. She loves books and princesses, loves her brothers and sister, mom and dad too.
For dinner, we celebrated with home made Chinese food, made by mom, Hunter and Bailey. We had some General Tso's, Beef Lo mein and some fried rice. Afterd all of the dishes were cleaned up, we enjoyed Rieley's Gotcha day cake, that had 3 princesses on it.

Next stop Lubbock, TX.

Our last stop on this vacation was Lubbock, TX. I needed to have a root canal done on Tues morning, so we stopped here Mon afternoon and did some shopping, eating at Joe's crab Shack(not very good),swimming at the hotel pool. We woke Tues morning to go to IHOP for breakfast and then headed to the dreaded dentist. The overall procedure wasn't bad, but he is not sure if the tooth can be saved. I have to go back in Sept for him to go back in and check it before filling it for good or sending me somewhere else to have it pulled.
While I was at the dentist, Tim took the girls to the Texas Tech campus to look around and then to Barnes and Noble. rieley came away with a few new books, a kid can never hav  too many books, right? They came back to pick me up and we headed home, 2 long hours, We stopped at DQ for Rieley some chicken strips and the rest of us ice cream or shakes.
It was good to pull into our driveway and be home. The boys hadn't done too bad of a job cleaning after themselves, but the kitchen was a mess.
7 hours after my root canal started the numbing medicine finally wore off. Now, hopefully I will have no problems before Sept.

Headin out Sunday morning for OK.

We left Branson, MO around 930 a.m. Sunday morning, and headed to Oklahoma City. Our sights were set for the USA Softball Hall of Fame Museum and hoping for a chance to see the fields. We saw and toured the museum and spent some $$$$$$ at the gift shop, then went over to see the fields but the gates were locked and no one was around to let us in. This is where the girls college world series is played and right now the 2010 World Cup of Softball is being played.
Since it was still early in the afternoon, we headed out for Lubbock, TX. The GPS decided to take us on the back roads of OK and TX, we finally found a hotel room in Vernon, TX, out in the middle of nowhere for the night. Rieley and Bailey enjoyed the cold pool for a short time after we had supper at a Subway, everything else was closed due to people going to church in the evenings.

Day 4/ Putt Putt, Outlet Mall and out for Chinese

After spending all day in the sun yesterday, Tim, Rieley and I opted for a day of less sun. We started out at IHOP for breakfast, with Jodi, Jerry and Shelby. Then we went and played a round of miniature golf with the girls. Next stop was the Disney outlet store. Rieley was in awe of all of the princess stuff, and came away with several new items. A lot of Ariel things were bought today. After a few more stores, we went off in search of the Bass Pro Shop and only found a small post store of theirs. We then went to Red Lobster for lunch/dinner. Next stop, back to the cabins to await Bailey's return from Silver Dollar City. She spent the day there with the Hesman family. The rest of the families were going to the Great Wall Chinese Restuarant for dinner, so we tagged along so the girls could eat and visit some more with everyone. Once it was dark outside, some of the men lit the campfire and we had smores and get together time for all.