Thursday, July 22, 2010

West TX Easons head to East TX Easons for visit.

We haeaded over to Tim's brothers house in Longview, TX on July 10. We hadn't seen them since Thanksgiving and it was on the way to our Missouri reunion. We pulled in around 415pm, and it was decided that we would go to 5 o'clock church, so Kathy and I could take all of the kids to the zoo in Tyler TX Sunday morning while the men, went golfing. The men were able to play golf 3 times during our 4 day visit.
We left early Sunday morning thinking we would beat the heat and humidity, but that didn't happen. Over half of this zoo is in the shade, but it was still hot and very sticky. I even went into the reptile house to get out of the heat for a few minutes. That is saying alot, considering I HATE snakes. After the zoo, we stopped by McDonalds for a quick lunch before driving back to the house.
The men were home by the time we got there and were enjoying the air conditioned house. Rieley had her 3 cousins reading to her most of the time we were their. They commented on they didn't realize their mouth could get so sore from reading. lol
The kids enjoyed some time in the pool bith evenings we were there. Rieley was a different little girl, from what she was at the beach a month ago. They had gotten a floaty for her to sit in or she was held by someone at all times and had a blast. On Mon night, the kids did sparklers.
We left Longview, very early on Wed and headed for Branson, MO for our China travel group reunion.

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