Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shrek 3D movie

Bailey, Rieley and I went to this movie, while Hunter and Jess took in Avatar. Rieley enjoyed the movie, after an episode of inhaling an m & m and scaring the heck out of mom and Bailey. She had the look of fear and what just happened on her face, I didn't see it happen, I heard it. It was the most God awful sound, after checking her out and walking around outside the movie theater, she was fine and we went onto enjoy the movie. We still have the glasses but have never gotten a picture of us in them. Of course, Rieley was full of a million questions during and after the movie.


  1. Hi Kathy,
    Just catching up on your blog. I wish I could get Kaylee to the theater to see Toy Story 3. She said she is scared to go to the movies and that Mom and Monica should go and she will stay home with Daddy.

    Everyone looks great. Rieley is looking more and more grown up.

    I am finally finding some time to add a few posts to our blog. Hope to add another soon showing pictures from Kaylee's graduation. Her preschool has a graduation, although we hope she will be returning in September, all depends on the state budget and funding.

    Good to catch up. Hope we get to visit in September.

    Lisa Kirsch

  2. Olivia is still too scared to watch any movie other than Babe and Nemo (and we have to skip the shark parts). Rieley is brave to see a 3D movie :)