Friday, July 23, 2010

Headin out Sunday morning for OK.

We left Branson, MO around 930 a.m. Sunday morning, and headed to Oklahoma City. Our sights were set for the USA Softball Hall of Fame Museum and hoping for a chance to see the fields. We saw and toured the museum and spent some $$$$$$ at the gift shop, then went over to see the fields but the gates were locked and no one was around to let us in. This is where the girls college world series is played and right now the 2010 World Cup of Softball is being played.
Since it was still early in the afternoon, we headed out for Lubbock, TX. The GPS decided to take us on the back roads of OK and TX, we finally found a hotel room in Vernon, TX, out in the middle of nowhere for the night. Rieley and Bailey enjoyed the cold pool for a short time after we had supper at a Subway, everything else was closed due to people going to church in the evenings.

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