Thursday, July 1, 2010

Virginia Beach

Daddy had a wedding to attend to in VA Beach, of his boss. So, Rieley, Bailey and I tagged along and stayed on the beach for 2 nights while daddy attended to his festivities. I, too was invited but it was an adult only wedding and I didn't feel good about leaving the girls in a hotel room. So, we had girl bonding time.
Rieley, has a major bug phobia. Well, guess what, within the first 10 minutes of being on the beach, she saw a DEAD drangonfly and wanted nothing to do with the beach or water. So, after we had already paid for a beach chair and umbrella for the day, we spent about 2 hours on the beach and then went to the pool. Daddy and Bailey hit the ocean for a little bit but it was cold. Rieley sat on a towel and played in the sand.
We enjoyed the pool for awhile, then went upstairs to get ready for lunch and then daddy left for the night. The girls, then went back to the pool for a couple of hours. After, showers and a little softball on tv, we headed out for what else but shopping and dinner.Rieley decided at this time, she was too tired to walk. So, Bailey and I took turns carrying her, until we had had enough of the humidity and went back up to the hotel and watched more softball until it was lights out.
Bailey and I, got henna tattoos while out shopping, it was kinda cool. Tim thought it was neat, and that it went away in 30 days. Daddy returned early Sunday morning and we headed to breakfast and then to the VanPeerens.

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