Thursday, July 1, 2010

North Carolina bound

Our next stop of this vacation, was to see Granddaddy and Greta. On the way into town, we stopped by the cemetary to visit Tim's mom's grave, it was the 8 year anniversary of her death and stoped by to see Tim's Aunt Sandy. We made another stop in Wilson before heading to our destination. We stopped by Tim's cousin Bootie's house. Also there, were Aunt Pig,Aaunt Camilla and cousin Mike. Bootie brought out alot of neat old toys for Rieley to play with and fixed an awesome lunch of spagetti and the fixings for us all. Rieley was full of questions, when we were at the cemetary. She couldn't understand, why we couldn't see Grandmama and wanted to know when she was coming out.
We arrived in Goldsboro in the afternoon to a yummy smelling house and some happy people. It had been 2 years since we had seen them, Tim's dad doesn't like to travel anymore and we did not get down to visit them before we moved here to TX. While there we did alot of visiting and went out for the traditional lunch at the Mayflower. A yummy seafood restuarant. Afterwards, we went onto the Airforce Base and checked out the exchange. We were here for 4 nights and then it was time to head back to TX and see if the house was still standing, after leaving the 3 older boys home alone. Our only saving grace was, they all worked form 8 in the morning until dinner time and then went to bed, so not much time for messes.


  1. OK, you two with your tongues sticking out is a priceless photo. Love it. Those are some great photos in these last few posts of countryside and family. Looks like some fun to me!