Friday, July 23, 2010

Next stop Lubbock, TX.

Our last stop on this vacation was Lubbock, TX. I needed to have a root canal done on Tues morning, so we stopped here Mon afternoon and did some shopping, eating at Joe's crab Shack(not very good),swimming at the hotel pool. We woke Tues morning to go to IHOP for breakfast and then headed to the dreaded dentist. The overall procedure wasn't bad, but he is not sure if the tooth can be saved. I have to go back in Sept for him to go back in and check it before filling it for good or sending me somewhere else to have it pulled.
While I was at the dentist, Tim took the girls to the Texas Tech campus to look around and then to Barnes and Noble. rieley came away with a few new books, a kid can never hav  too many books, right? They came back to pick me up and we headed home, 2 long hours, We stopped at DQ for Rieley some chicken strips and the rest of us ice cream or shakes.
It was good to pull into our driveway and be home. The boys hadn't done too bad of a job cleaning after themselves, but the kitchen was a mess.
7 hours after my root canal started the numbing medicine finally wore off. Now, hopefully I will have no problems before Sept.

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