Monday, August 30, 2010

Puzzle time.

Rieley has loved puzzles since the day we came home from China. She loves floor puzzles and is now able to do 70 -100 piece puzzles by herself. I bought us a big people puzzle to do, Tim decided to give it a try. Rieley and him, spent some time over the past weekend doing puzzles sie by side.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our gardens harvest.

Rieley and daddy have been busy gathering veges from our garden and I have been busy making salsa, jam, and freezing peaches for the winter months without a garden and fresh veges. Of course, the strawberries and peaches were store bought. But, oh they are so yummy and will taste really good come Dec and Jan.
Tim did a little pruning of the tomatoes bushes, as they had overtaken the sidewalk. Hoping, he didn't go too far.  Tim says the watermelon pictured, weighs more than Rieley.

Hunter returns to Pitt. 8/23/10.

Tim and Hunter left for Pittsburgh on the 23rd of Aug. Hunter is being a mentor for the incoming freshman, so he was moving in a few days ahead of everyone else. He had a few days of classes and meetings to attend. Tim and him, did a huge run to Target to stock his room and get ready for another year of dorm life. They also, purchased his books for the semester, almost $1000. He will be rooming with 2 of his friends from his old high school, and it will be a much better year. I'm sure Paul and Mark, will enjoy the care packages that come that way also. I mailed one today, full of homemade goodies.
They will be living in triple room, 2 bedrooms, a living room, their own bathroom(they are responsible to clean it), and a fridge and microwave.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jess's 3rd visit to TX.

Jessica came for another visit, to see Hunter and us before school started. They had different plans but didn't convey them to us before tickets were purchased for Hunter's return to Pitt, with Tim along to help with the move in.
We didn't do much while she was here. They, along with Rieley baked and cooked, plus played many games of crazy eight, garbage, memory, candyland, chutes and ladders and hi ho cherry o's. Of course, Rieley took full advantage of having an extra person here to read to her also. Rieley was Jess's partner when the big people played Scrabble and Sequence. They spent the day at the beach, our backyard, and played tball with her and swam in our little pool, olus having a small picnic.
Jessica headed back to PA, to get herself ready for her year at Ursinus and to spend some time with her family and some friends still at home. We look forward to her next visit, whenever that may be. We know Hunter won't be home until Christmas.

Our Trip to IN- part 2.

We headed back to G&G's on Sat, as aunt Pam was coming back and we needed to spend some more time with them. We had a nice second visit with Aunt Pam, did church on Sun and just mainly stayed around the house. On Mon, we did a few errands and got Bailey her doughnuts and Bruno Bread. Now, she was a happy girl. Spent Monday night, getting the suitcases arranged and everything to fit and stay under weight. This was after mailing a box home with UPS, from our shopping adventures.
We got up early on Tues, as to get onto the airport and return the rent a car and await our flights back to TX. We would be meeting up with Hunter's girlfriend in Dallas for the last leg home. She was coming to visit for a week. More to follow on that.

Our trip to IL- part 2/ Shedd Aquarium.

Enjoy the pictures from our day at the aquarium.

Our trip to IL-part 1

We arrived in Channahon, ready to see Aunt Kitty, Found her at school and got to see her new room and some old friends. Then we headed to lunch at a Mexican restuarant, with aunt Kitty and Laura S. Afterwards, we went back to Aunt Kitty's and Uncle Richie's house. AK had to go back to school for the evening, so we headed to visit with our old neighbors the Moon's. It was good seeing them and chatting, they treated us to dinner at Cookies, in Minooka.
On Tues, found out during the night someone had hit our rental car, so we spent the day exchanging the car for a different one. Not a fun thing to do. One I hate driving in traffic, then put me in traffic on the roads around Chicago and OHare airprt with no drivers side mirror, not a good situation. Did do a little shopping, took AK for her bp checkup and had some Portillos for lunch. I do not miss the traffic in IL.
Wed, we woke up and headed for Shedd Aquarium. It was a fun day had by all, the rain couldn't even dampen our day. We spent over 5 hours there and Rieley really liked seeing all of the fish and water animals. She fell asleep for the last half hour of the place, but that was time in the shops and getting ready to hit the wonderful walk back to the car in the rain.
We went to eat more pizza, with Miriam and then back to the house to visit with Mary Lundberg.The Johnston boys have spent alot of this visit trying to brainwash Rieley about the U of I, which all 5 of the Johnstons have attended and graduated from except for Luke, and he will in 2 years.
We, will be heading back to Lafayette tomorrow morning and trying to unbrainwash Rieley of the U of I.