Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Trip to IN- part 2.

We headed back to G&G's on Sat, as aunt Pam was coming back and we needed to spend some more time with them. We had a nice second visit with Aunt Pam, did church on Sun and just mainly stayed around the house. On Mon, we did a few errands and got Bailey her doughnuts and Bruno Bread. Now, she was a happy girl. Spent Monday night, getting the suitcases arranged and everything to fit and stay under weight. This was after mailing a box home with UPS, from our shopping adventures.
We got up early on Tues, as to get onto the airport and return the rent a car and await our flights back to TX. We would be meeting up with Hunter's girlfriend in Dallas for the last leg home. She was coming to visit for a week. More to follow on that.

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