Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hunter returns to Pitt. 8/23/10.

Tim and Hunter left for Pittsburgh on the 23rd of Aug. Hunter is being a mentor for the incoming freshman, so he was moving in a few days ahead of everyone else. He had a few days of classes and meetings to attend. Tim and him, did a huge run to Target to stock his room and get ready for another year of dorm life. They also, purchased his books for the semester, almost $1000. He will be rooming with 2 of his friends from his old high school, and it will be a much better year. I'm sure Paul and Mark, will enjoy the care packages that come that way also. I mailed one today, full of homemade goodies.
They will be living in triple room, 2 bedrooms, a living room, their own bathroom(they are responsible to clean it), and a fridge and microwave.

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  1. wow what a nice pad! yeah let's see if they will clean it lol