Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Trip to Indaina- part 1

We arrived in IN, on my birthday. So, after unpacking all of our belongings we headed to bruno's for dinner. they have the best pizza and Bruno's bread in the world. For those who don't know, bruno Bread, is deep fried pizza dough dipped in butter and parmesean cheese. Had a nice dinner and catching up with the folks.
On Friday, we hung around the house and awaited evening time, when we would see some of the aunts, uncles and cousins. We went out to where some of them were staying in hotels and enjoyed more pizza and visiting. We returned to Grandma and Grandpa Bob's late and awaited cousin Katie's arrival. She had yet to meet Rieley and I hadn't seen her for quite some time. Also, we got to meet her fiance, Mike, they will be married in Oct.
Sat, we met up with 80 some Fitzgerald relatives for a gathering at Columbian Park. If the weather had cooperated, swimming was happening but it was raining and on the chiily side. So, we opted for the zoo and just hanging out at the pavilion. Rieley had 4 other Chinese cousins, so that was an exciting part of the day. The older cousins, my age, went out to a pub late that night. But, Bailey spent the night with some of her cousins, so Rieley and I hung out with G & G Fits, and went to bed early.
Rieley had no problem finding anyone to read to her, got to experience her first Frozen custard and meet many relatives for the first time.
Manday, we would head out for IL.
Sunday, we went to the Fitzgerald breakfast, followed by bowling. Rieley bowled her first game ever. It was then time for most of the cousins to go back home, we headed back to the grandpaernts house to watch Uncle Joe clean out some gutters and visit before they headed back to Bloomington.

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  1. Tick-tock...tick-tock...waiting for the post. Ha ha.
    Hope all is well with you guys!