Monday, February 22, 2010

Rieley at Bailey's softball tournament

We would start out the mornings in winter coats and gloves, under blankets and on the last day, we ended the day in short sleeve shirts. Weird weather here in TX, that is for sure.
We were told here in TX, people leave Santa beer and pickled eggs instead of cookies and milk. And the people here in TX make popsicles out of the leftover pickle juice. Sounds nasty to us.

More pics from softball and birthday.

Bailey's Sweet 16th Birthday

We were truly blessed on the afternoon of Feb 18, 1994. The doctors had told me I would be having a girl, but after 3 boys I did not believe them. When the doctor told us, "It's a GIRL." I couldn't believe my ears. Tim and I were both so excited with the news, I had him on the phone announcing her arrival, instead of taking photos. She has been a true blessing from God and is growing into such a fine, sweet, talented young lady. That is not to say, she does have bad days, more often now that we are here in TX and she doesn't like it. But, she has goals and has staye dstrong on them. I have no doubt, she will accomplish what she sets her mind on. We love you very much Bailey Elizabeth. Happy Birthday dear.
Bailey turned 16 on the 18th, but didn't celebrate it until Sat the 20th with dinner at Shoguns and a cake. She was playing in a softball tournament from Thurs through Sat, that consisted of 6 games. She played very well and hit the ball hard during the games. They were a long 3 days, with school in there too. Mom made her a cake, and then we worked together and decorated it with fondont, we were pretending to be on the Ace of Cakes, we have a long way too go. She got the Nook for her birthday, hoping this will save dad and I on the book money spent each year at barnes and Nobles.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tonight is the first official softball game of the season. The girls have played 5 scrimmage games and done well. Even when they are playing in 30-40 degree weather and wind.

The varsity teams eats lunch toegther as a team before each game, so we had them over today for pizza, veges, strawberries and dessert. I think they all left full, there were 13 girls and they devoured 6 pizzas plus other stuff.

Bailey has worked hard to make varsity here and that work has paid off for her. hoping this helps her feel settled here, know it won't be PA but.

enjoy the pics, will try and get a few pics at the game tonight.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just a few more pics. She is our noodle girl.

We celebrated the Chinese New Year( Year of the Tiger) and Valentine's day, by going out to eat at the Red Sun Buffet in Odessa, TX. It was ok and had a huge selection but boy do I miss our Chinese food from PA.

Rieley was excited about her red envelopes today and her goodies for Valentines Day. She wore her Chinese outfit to church and got several comments. People we run into around here don't even know about the Chinese New Year, most look at you like you have ten heads or are talking some foreign language.

Hope this year brings true joy and happiness to everyone.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I thought moving to TX meant nice warm weather with the HOT stuff in the summer. But did not expect to see so much white stuff here. This is our 5th snowfall since Thanksgiving. I am so tired of it but will probably be eating my words come summer. I know there won't be any cooking out tonight for dinner.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Daddy got some new wheels toady. New 2010 Honda Accord, no trucks for us here in TX.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Well, the sun is shining after 2 days of cold rain and it is in the 60's. Hoping to get to go to Bailey's softball game tonight if the fields are dry enough.
We haven't been up to much here in TX. Rieley and I spend our days playing board games, cards, and reading. In between all of this, I do the normal cleaning and laundry. I am so ready for a cleaning lady, but don't see that happening anytime soon. Maybe when we have an empty nest, lol.
The cars, are draining us right now. Kyle's car just needed $2500 work done, my van needed new tires, tanner's truck will be going to truck heaven soon and bailey is in need of a car. So, that is where all of our retirement money is going right now. Maybe the big boys will move out and on there own soon and we can start svaing again.