Sunday, February 14, 2010

We celebrated the Chinese New Year( Year of the Tiger) and Valentine's day, by going out to eat at the Red Sun Buffet in Odessa, TX. It was ok and had a huge selection but boy do I miss our Chinese food from PA.

Rieley was excited about her red envelopes today and her goodies for Valentines Day. She wore her Chinese outfit to church and got several comments. People we run into around here don't even know about the Chinese New Year, most look at you like you have ten heads or are talking some foreign language.

Hope this year brings true joy and happiness to everyone.


  1. She looks beautiful! Do you mind if I put one of these photos on the bow blog? She looks darling in her pink bow.

  2. she's letting her hair grow! or is Bailey making you do that lol?


  3. Hi Kathy! Rieley is looking SO grown up and gorgeous! Love the photos and to hear how you are doing. Missing you....

    Janelle & Chloe

  4. Great pics, looks like you had a great time. Rieley is getting so big!