Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 3/ Table Rock Lake

By far the best day of the reunion, other then having the girls together. Joe and Stacey, had the idea to rent a pontoon boat and spend the day at the beach. I, believe everyone had a great time, and many got way too much sun. All of the families pitched in to pay for the rental of the pontoon and it was money well spent.
Tim, Joe, Tim Hesman, Bailey and gavin went to pick up the pontoon, while evryone else made their way too the beach.
Rieley, Stacey, Elissa and I met the boat at the dock and boarded, then we headed out to let those who wanted go cliff jumping and tubing. Bailey over the day, jumped 13 times and went tubing 4 times. She had never done either of these before. Tim, not only swan dove off the cliff once but twice. I didn't get the picture the first time, so he went up and did it again. Everyone on the boat thought he had lost his mind.
Rieley did not like the boat riding, so her and I went to the beach, while others jumped on. She was in love with the beach. Our investment of her, Dora, lifejacket was a huge success. This was a child, who wouldn't touch her feet into the ocean a month aso. If, we weren't in the water it was miserable. So, we would get out and have a snack and then head straight back to the water. The water was warm and you could see your feet and the small fish swimming around.
Tim, took turns with Joe doing the boat driving and Bailey never came off of the boat the entire day. Too say she got too much sun, was an understatement. I think she really enjoyed herself and she voted Joe a better flipper than dad on the tube flipping.

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