Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our little Princess turns 5.

Rieley Ann turned 5 today. I, so wish I could stop time. For some reason, she came into our room and 230am, and joined us in bed. So, we were able to wish her a very early Happy Birthday.  The time has flown by since we brought her home from China. I can't believe, she will start kindergarten in the fall. She says, : I can go to school now, I am 5."
She woke up happy and ready for the day, after a quick bath and breakfast, we headed to Storyhour. She was given a crown to wear and the kids and adults sang Happy Birthday to her.
We then came home for lunch, games and reading. She was so content to wait until all of the big kids were home to have her cake and open her gifts. We finally opened gifts at 715pm and had cake at 730pm. She got lots of nice things, with mainly one theme, :princesses".
She had requested Chinese food for dinner, so mom made homemade beef lo mein and cheated with the sweet and sour chicken, used some bought from the store.

Weare so blessed to have Rieley in our family. Her Chinese mother made a difficult decision 5 years ago and we think it was the best decision. I hope and pray, she will somehow realize, her daughter, is loved and cared for. She has brought so much joy and love to this family. We love you to the moon and back Rieley Ann.

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  1. Rieley Ann...sweet are so loved.