Saturday, April 10, 2010

Andrews vs Greenwood

Varsity won another game 4-2, but again Bailey saw NO play time and there was no jv game. Don't understand what the coaches are doing or what is going on, maybe we aren't suppose to, but what the heck.We will be there to support Bailey as she sits the bench. And continue to get her swing back, that was messed up. No pictures again, with NO play time.
Again, Rieley was a trooper. We headed into town to do some shopping and then go to the game. We are swingset shopping for Rieley's new playset. Found one at Lowes and may get it tomorrow if i can fit all of the boxes into the van. It was an hour drive to the game one way, nothing is close here in TX. Just really glad gas is not $4 a gallon, the van is getting some mileage on it.

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  1. Gavin just played about 10 seconds of a basketball game that was an hour away. :-)