Friday, December 30, 2011

Rieley gets her ears pierced. 12/27/2011.

Rieley picking out her earrings.

Mommy signing the paper work.

Clips holding her hair out of the way.

Lady at Claire's marking where the earrings would go.

Holding mom's hand for extra reassurance.

Second earring going in, she knows what is going to happen this time.

Happy girl, earrings in, now for the sucker and sticker.

Looking at self in mirror and seeing earrings for the first time.

All done.

Happy girl!!!!!!!!!!!1


  1. Brave little girl! I was 25 when I got mine pierced. Happy New Year from Pennsylvania. Blessings

  2. Riley is just beautiful and sooooo brave getting her ears pierced!! Gabriella talks about doing this from time to time but she may wait until she has her ear surgery in a couple of years...we will see:) You have a beautiful family!!!

  3. She sure is brave for getting them done one at a time! Couldn't they have done them both at once? regardless, she looks gorgeous with her new bling :-)