Sunday, January 29, 2012

3 Chinese Celebrations in one week, oh my!!!

Boy, did we have a fun week. We started off the week, with cleaning the house on Sunday. Then Monday, Rieley took books about the CNY, goody bags for all and cut out dragon cookies to share. On sat, we had the 3 other families from Andrews over to our house for dinner, crafts and getting to know each other. The girls had a blast and played like they had known  each other forever. Rieley, was upset when everyone had to leave at 9pm, because none of the girls wanted to do any crafting and it made her remember all of her Chinese friends back in PA.
Sunday, after church, Rieley and I made our way to Midland. We were meeting the FCC group there from Midland and Odessa, at one of the Chinese restuarants. Rieley was in heaven, crafts galore and new friends. Mom, had a nice lunch and enjoyed talking with some other families.

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