Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving in Riudoso, NM.

A fun time was had by all who went to Riudoso, Nm for Thanksgiving. Bailey and  Hunter did not come home for their short breaks and spent time with family and friends in IN and PA. The drive was, long and boring for the most part, but different and beautiful in spots too. The Inn of the Mountain Gods where we stayed was really nice and we had a view of snow covered mountain tops from our rooms. The boys gambled a little and we enjoyed some fun touring the town and shops, playing putt putt and driving go carts.


  1. McDonald's serves Thanksgiving dinner? Ha ha. Love those pics!

    1. This was a potty stop Marie. They were only serving breakfast and then shutting down. We were very glad they were open, not many choices when traveling through the state of TX and NM.