Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Break 2012.

The first few pictures were taken the night we went out for Tanner's 24th birthday. Kyle wasn't in the group picture, because he was late returning home and we weren't waiting. The rest are from Christmas Eve day and Christmas. tim and I opened our gifts early. Tim got a new BIG tv and I got a new lens for my camera. We were able to watch the Polar Express Christmas Eve on the BIG tv. He also, got the cabinet under it too.
The big kids didn't get alot for xmas this year as their items are big ticket items. Kyle and Tanner each took a trip to friends before xmas and that ws their gift and Bailey got a mini iPAD. Hunter got lots of clothes and Rieley was overtaken again by Princesses and their Princes. She loves them and it was great to see her face christmas morning.

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