Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trip to IN, thanks for the memories mom.

Rieley and I went home to spend a few days with my mom/her grandma. Mom's lymphoma has come back and with a vengeance. She has been placed under hospice care. After many tests and her current condition, she decided to live out the rest of her life with "quality of life" over doing any chemo. the doctor, my sisters and her, decided chemo may be too harsh for her condition. We were able to spend 5 days of quality time with her. She is unable to do much for herself, other than use her voice and tell us what she needs and what she does and doesn't like. We were able to get her in a wheelchair one day, with Shelly pushing, and took her out to enjoy the fall colors and weather. Think she really enjoyed getting out of her room, University Place and being outside. Am glad Rieley and I were able to go and see her. Only God knows when it will be her time.

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