Monday, December 23, 2013

Saying Goodbye is Soooooo Hard.

My mom passed away Dec. 16, 2013. Never in my wildest dreams(nightmare) did I think I would loose both parents in the span of 17 months. Her health declined quickly and once she knew what was going on in her body, she chose quality of life over quantity. She chose to spend her last few months with hospice, and my 2 sisters by her side almost 24/7. Rieley and I went up for a week and stayed with her, my brothers visited but Shelly and Pam were with her until the end. She lost all ability to feed herself, walk but never lost her ability to talk, listen, and be positive.
The week Rieley and I spent with her, I will cherish forever. It was tough to see her like this but memories were made.
We traveled the 22 hours, in 2 cars, 7 of us and Suki.
Her celebration of life was wonderful, full of family and friends. She was laid to rest,Dec 19th, next to my dad,(17 months to the day he passed away) and knowing they are together, makes it a little easier to deal with.
I find myself wanting to pick up the phone and call her either to chat, for a recipe or to tell her something funny Ri has done and then realize I can't. To have one more phone call would be such a blessing. To say I Love You one more time.
Mom's last words to me were"to stay strong", I am for the most part but some days the tears fall and the memories are there.
Treasure what you have, for you don't know what tomorrow brings.

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