Friday, September 17, 2010

The battle of the rash continues.

Took Rieley back to the doctor in Midland yesterday. It had been 10 days of hives and no key item making itself stick out to any of us as to what she may be allergic too. He has started her on an allergy medicine for 3 weeks, for us to continue to have benadryl on hand 24 hours a day, to continue the food diary and to call when we return from  PA to see how she is doing.
She woke up yesterday, with her eyes swollen half shut and nothing else, well this didn't sit well with me, so we made the appointment. she got in that morning and the waiting room was a zoo, and then when we left, there wasn't a soul left but us. Kind of wierd, but noce knowing he spends time with his patients, especially after driving 45 minutes there one way.
Benadryl does work amazingly on her, but boy does it knock her out for long naps, which means late nights for mom.
As, of now, today, she has had no hives. Hoping it is the end but thinking there is still more to come.

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  1. did he suggest claritin at all as a substitute for benadryl? it would make her less tired.