Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The mysterious rash.

Rieley has an on again off again rash and welts for 3 days, can't figure it out. So, we went to see the doctor today and his physcian assistant, said, she is allergic to something. Now we just need to figure out what it is. so, we are keeping a food and liquid diary until we can discover what is causing this. She isn't really uncomfortable with them and benadryl does help. Today's was the worst and caused alot of itching. Hoping we figure this out sooner than later.
Thursday night we had fajitas and Rieley had a juice pouch to drink and within 30 minutes broke out. Her eyes were swelling shut and she had welts on her legs, back, belly and arms. We gave her benadryl and watched her like a hawk, that was 2 breakouts in one day. She ended up sleeping with us for the night.
When she woke up this morning she was free of rash and her eyes were back to normal and so far today, no rash.

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