Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Best Friends.

We arrived at the Raff's after a very long day of traveling. which, included a 45 minute ride to the airport at 5 am , 3 airplanes rides, and a 45 minute ride in the rent a car. Rieley was a real trooper, she only said on the third plane, "I am tired of airplanes", luckily we were ready to land in harrisburg, PA at this time.
You would have never known we had been gone 14 months and the girls haven't seen or talked to each other, bad mom's. They greeted each other and hugged and were off to play for 7 fun filled days, with only one meltdown the entire time, and that was due to pure exhaustion.
Enjoy the pictures of Olivia and Rieley, along with some of her other friends we saw during our visit.

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