Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More friends pictures from PA.


  1. BFFs!
    Ok we totally need to do a Orlando trip this winter...tell tim it is cheaper than therapy lol

  2. Well, how freaking cute are they! Is that a bag of cheethos that Reiley has? Mmmm...cheetohs....

  3. So cute!!

    Came across your blog from...oh somewhere clicking through others. :)

    We just returned from a China families adoption reunion too. We've been home 6 years, but our Yahoo group has been ongoing for 7 years and still meeting for annual reunions.

    I just love seeing these kiddos get together!

    Nice blog.

  4. Hi! This is the recipe for the soup I think you were referring to:

    1 cup chopped onion
    2 garlic cloves-minced
    2 chicken breasts
    1 cup frozen corn
    1 can drained and rinsed black beans
    1 ½ tsp cumin
    1 tsp Worcester sauce
    ½ tsp chili powder
    ¼ tsp fajita seasoning
    1 cup salsa (or you can use a can of diced tomatoes and green chilis)
    4 cups chicken broth
    Optional-1 TBS diced jalapeños

    Directions: Combine all ingredients in the crock pot. Cook 8 hours on low. Shred chicken. Serve with tortilla chips, shredded cheese, sour cream and cilantro. A squeeze of lime is good in it, too. Also, I usually taste and adjust the seasonings a bit about an hour before eating. Add more spices according to your family's preferences.

    It's yummy! Good luck!