Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sea World, Orlando FL, 2011./ Lots of pictures.

The girls and I headed to FL, early Fri the 14th. We were meeting Jen and her 2 girls for the weekend. It was a girls weekend at Seaworld. And, oh was it fun. The girls had a blast playing in the hotel and going to Seaworld. They loved the rides and shows. The dolphin show was amazing, from what I remember when we went about 15 years ago, they have so improved the show. We were watching every minute to see what was next, it sure did keep the girls attention and I think they enjoyed the break from all of the walking. Rieley was to short to ride most of the rides by herself, so big sister stepped in and went with her and Olivia and natalie so they could all ride the kid rides. We, made sure Bailey had her time to ride the 2 big rollercoasters at the park plus the one water ride.
We had beautiful weather both days we were at the park and stayed almost until the park closed both days. On Mon, when we were to leave, it poured rain, until right when we arrived at the airport to leave. We did NO cooking while we were there, Olive Garden one night, the cafe at the hotel one night and had pizza delivered the other. We enjoyed lunch at the park while we were there and at the cafe at the hotel on Mon, when getting ready to head to the airport. We had each brought along stuff for breakfast and snacks for the park.
Of course, all good things have to come to an end. We so enjoyed our time with Jen, Olivia and Natalie. Jen has tasked me to pick our next destination. Any suggestions would be appreciated. it will need to be warm and have acticvities for the girls to do. We anxiously await our next visit with them.
We didn't arrive home until almost midnight on Mon and Bailey had to get up for the school on Tues. She was one tired kid Tues morning. Rieley slept until 10 a.m. that day and of course rubbed it in to Bailey.
Enjoy the pictures, they speak for themselves.

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