Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kyle goes to TX Tech. 1/9/11.

We moved Kyle into his dorm at TX Tech on Sunday. Lubbock, is only 1 and a half hours away, and only one road to get to the campus.Great for mom , who is really bad with directions.Today, Wed the 12th, was his first day of classes. he seems to think they went ok. Hoping and praying he has this figured out, and will complete this prtion of his growing up and getting an education, so he can move on to bigger and better things. Tech is a much bigger campus than he is used to, so we will be taking a bike to him, to help get from one class to another on time.
He, is in a room wwith 4 other guys. They each have their own bedroom and 2 bathrooms to share between the 4 of them. Not a bad set up, plus a small sitting area and full size refrigerator and microwavve oven. He has a laundry facility on his floor and a food court on the bottom level. The dorm is only 5 years old, so a nice place to stay.
Mom, has already mailed one package to him. And, we will see him next weekend after Bailey takes her SAT tests, by him.
The worst part was coming home and gutting his room. Amazing, how one room can get so dirty and stink so bad from one kid. The kids end of the house, is getting quiet and clean. Tanner and bailey, are back on that end and if they didn't come out to eat they would never see each other. haha

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  1. Get your "Guns Up"!!!! I think that's what they say?
    Congrats on going to a great school Kyle!