Friday, December 31, 2010

Day Trip to El Paso 12/30/10.

We left the house at 6 a.m., to head to El Paso. Tanner, was taking a test for a job with the TSA in IL, and this was the closest facility that had an opening. We, didn't want him driving 5 hours, to take a 3 hour test and then drive back 5 hours by himself. The 80 MPH speed limit helps the trip go a little faster. So, everyone but Kyle and Hunter went. Hunter, took Jess back to the airport that day, to go home to PA.
We, enjoyed a beautiful sunrise as we headed west. The roads were very straightand flat for awhile, then the surroundings started to change. We saw some beautiful  mountains along the way. Plus, we saw quite a few border patrol trucks and cars, and then were questioned at a check point as to whether we were all US citizens and what was a purpose for travel.
We arrived in El Paso, eraly and did a little shopping before dropping Tanner off to take the test. While he was taking the test, we went and had lunch at Logan's Steakhouse and then Tim was going to try and show us Mexico, but Tanner called and we had to turn around, the test only took him a little over an hour to take. And, on the way home, he found out he passed.Now, he has more paperwork to fill out and wait. If, we looked really hard, we could see the Rio Grande River, and right across was Mexico. But, the winds and dust were really bad and never di get a good look. On the way home, the winds picked up and were 30-4- mph the whole way home. the next morning we woke up, to see ice and snow on the ground in El Paso. Sure glad we left when we did.
I tried to get together, with another blogging friend while there, but didn't give her enough notice to get off work and meet us for lunch. Will have to make another trip back and see her.


  1. Oh I want to read this one for sure! =)
    I don;t know why it's not coming up? Is it my computer?

    Happy New Year to your and your family! We definitely need to get together one of these days!

  2. Yes, you will! If you travel further west on I-10 past the University you can see Mexico for miles. It's funny that you throw a rock from here to there. But DONT go in there for anything! They're still killing people left and right! Sad because we used to go all the time for shopping and eating.

    Next time you come spend a night and I can take you to Old Mesilla in New Mexico (google it, it's a hour away) and take you for yummy Mexican food and Margaritas!