Monday, December 6, 2010

Rieley's Tooth Extraction 12/6/10.

We arrived bright and early at the hospital, Monday morning. We had to be there by 630 am, and she would go back by 730a.m. They were a little behind but only by a few minutes. Rieley got her happy medicine at 710 a.m. and the Dr Jeff the anesthesiologist and Caroline the OR Tech  came and got her to take her back about 740. Tim checked on things at 9, since it was suppose to only last 30 minutes and she was still back in the OR. Dr Wilkerson came out to talk to us about 910, and said things went well. There was an abcess under the crown, so it was really good we decided to get the tooth out sooner than later. They recovery room nurse came to get me about 930 and then moved us to our room about 945. She did great and drank a little apple juice and continued to look dazed and out of it. We were able to leave the hospital by 11 and beat Bailey home for lunch. Rieley slept on mommy until 4 pm, only to awake and announce she was "HUNGRY" , she had some jello, chicken gnocchi soup from Olive Garden, popsicles to help her sore throuat from the breathing tube and daddy bought her a slushy to eat with a spoon. She wanted pop but dr said no for 24 hours.
Other than the sore throat, she has NO complaints. She is taking an antibiotic for a week and goes back next Mon to see the dentist and than again in 2 or 3 weeks to have the spacer put in. 
She was very excited about the tooth fairy coming. We bought a little wooden box to use and put it under her pillow. The tooth fairy delivered some goodies during the night and rieley was very pleased with her stash.

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