Friday, December 10, 2010

Story Hour at the local library.

Rieley and I attend Storyhour, at our local library each Wed. The first 30 minutes is craft time, then we have a stiry read to the kids and then a short movie to watch. Rieley, looks forward to this each Wed. We usually get 10 or so new books each week from the the library, to read in addition to the 100's of books we have at home already. The child, LOVES books.
For Christmas, they have done 3 different crafts and the ones pictures are of a Christmas tree out of popsicle sticks and an ornament decorated with glitter glue and a picture of the kids with Santa. He came to styoryhour last Wed and took pictures with the kids and then read them their story.
Marylou and Fillipa, do a great job running the storyhour and Rieley loves both of them. Until about a month ago, if I didn't sit on the floor, she wouldn't either. Then, a new little girl named Hailey mived here and Rieley and her have hit it off. Hopping to get togehter with her and her mom, to have some playdates for the girls. It is finally nice to find someone here for her to play with, after leaving such a great group of friends in PA. We so miss them.

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